About Us

Based in Winnipeg, Norwood Tent and Awning Inc. has been serving the Manitoba marketplace for over 57 years manufacturing residential and commercial awnings, tents and custom fabric products, continuing a tradition of quality and service.

At Norwood Tent and Awning, we offer our customers professional design, fabrication, repair and installation services. Combining modern technology with hand-crafted quality, we provide the most efficient, elegant and long-lasting Tents, Commercial Awnings, Residental Awnings, Gazebos, Canopies and signage products possible

Do awnings and canopies really lower energy bills?  

Yes! By repelling up to 75% of the sun’s heat, a room’s temperature can be reduced by 8-15 degrees (F), thus reducing the energy requirements of a home’s air conditioning system.

While lowering energy costs, awnings and canopies can be used to protect furniture, carpeting and window treatments from the sun’s bright and destructive rays. In addition, there are many fabrics, colours, patterns and styles to choose from.

Need a sign?

Awnings and canopies become three-dimensional signage when painted or vinyl graphics are applied producing beautiful and effective day or night identification. Combine these advertising mediums with existing architecture and the elegance of fabric awnings or canopies to set your business ahead of the competition. Contact us today for assistance.

We encourage you to discover the lasting impact that awnings and canopies will make on your home or business.  Send us a request for more information CLICK HERE