Tent Style

Two Most Common Styles of Tent

marquee-pole-tent6Marque Pole Tents:

  • Often called Traditional Tents, Centre Pole Tents or Tension Tents
  • Have one or more centre poles that bisect the middle of the tent
  • Anchor points must be in a precise location around the tent
  • Can inexpensively span a large area
  • Can have swooped peak roofs and high dramatic ceilings
  • Can be quickly installed on flat open areas



frame tents wedding tents rental, winnipeg tentsFrame Tents:

  • Often called Clear Span, Freedom Frame, Marquee or Freestanding tents
  • Have a clear area in the middle of the tent with an overhead frame
  • Can fit in areas where Pole Tents cannot
  • Have clear site lines
  • Are easily anchored on a variety of surfaces
  • Can come in traditional Frame, Warner Frame, or Clear Span

Feel free to contact us if you need help selecting your style of tent.