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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I choose a tent size?

Please note that our tent capacities are calculated based on banquet-style seating. Kindly allocate additional space for amenities such as a dance floor, DJ, bar, buffet, etc. If necessary, choosing a larger tent is recommended to accommodate these additional features.

Are walls included with my tent order?

Walls are optional and can be added to your tent rental order. We highly recommend walls for wind and rain protection. Each wall spans 20 feet in length and can be adjusted to create entrances and exits of 5 feet or 10 feet.

What if my tent is set up on a hard surface such as asphalt or gravel?

A fee applies to any section of the tent set up on a hard surface, such as gravel or asphalt. However, there is no drilling fee if the tent is installed on a soft surface like grass. Please inform us if any part of the tent will be set up on a hard surface, as special equipment is required for such installations. Failure to mention a hard surface may prevent our crew from conducting the tent installation and could result in additional fees.

Do I need a clear area for the tent to be installed?

To facilitate tent setup, please ensure the area is flat and clear of obstructions such as trees, rocks, bushes, or any other objects.

Do you set up and take-down the table and chairs?

Upon request, our crews will deliver the tables and chairs to the event location. However, it is the renter's responsibility to set up and take down the tables and chairs and ensure they are reasonably cleaned after use (e.g., removing dried food or mud). Failure to wipe down and re-stack the chairs and tables in the same condition as they were delivered may result in a clean-up fee of $5.00 per item.

To confirm my rental, do I require a deposit?

A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to confirm your booking. This deposit secures your date and rental items in addition to the signed rental agreement.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel your full rental or any individual item more than 30 days prior to your booking date, no further payment is required, and your deposit can be transferred to an upcoming event within one year of the original event date, subject to availability. Deposit transfers are limited to one occurrence and do not apply to existing bookings.

For cancellations made less than 30 days prior to your event, the remaining balance is due, and your deposit is non-transferrable. Exceptions may only apply if discussed and agreed upon by both parties.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept payment via cash, e-transfer, debit, and credit cards. All final payments must be settled before the set-up date. Failure to make payment arrangements or respond to contact attempts may result in the full outstanding amount being charged to the card on file up to two weeks before your event date.

Who is to organize permits and hydro locates?

The renter is responsible for arranging all permits and hydro locates. For tent rentals, the renter must arrange underground line locates with utility companies (electricity, water, hydro, and telephone) at least 4 weeks before the event; set-up will not commence without completed locates. To schedule a Hydro Check with Manitoba Hydro, please visit their website at or call 1-800-940-3447. Please note that personal hydro lines not installed by Manitoba Hydro or Bell MTS will not be located by them; it is crucial to inform Norwood Tent & Awning of any personal hydro, gas, or water lines to ensure employee safety. Norwood Tent & Awning reserves the right to refuse set-up or tear-down if site inspections are incomplete or if weather conditions pose a safety risk.

Can I make changes to my order after it has been confirmed?

Changes to table and/or chair quantities are permitted up to 30 days prior to your booking date. Reductions of up to 10% of the originally booked quantity are allowed without penalty; however, further reductions made less than 30 days before the booking date will incur the full rental fee. Any additions to your order are subject to the availability of the requested item.

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